I really, really want to be blonde again. That’s one superficial goal. (And then, after the wedding next year, I’m dreading my hair. Take that, conventional hair styles.)

A more serious goal? To get into the NP program or a med program, preferable within the next 18 months. You can only do pre-requisites for so long.

I’d like to start and finish P90X. I’ll update on that as Scott & I go, cause we’re starting tonight.

And you know what? I seriously would like it if the fence was fixed to the point where I didn’t have to consistently go herd the whole flock of sheep back into their pasture. So, that’s one little goal.

Another goal would be to finish this semester strong. I know I can do that.

I’d like to have a super laid-back, low-key, inexpensive holiday season. I’d like to accomplish that by being outside with Scott & Will more often. More trips to the beach. More walks outside. More hikes, less purchases.


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