Soundtrack for The Fall

I’ve been in a music funk recently. My iPod died (I dropped it…) last year. With 80GB and 10 years of music collection gone, I’ve had to start from scratch. So I’ve been exploring new music and trying to boost my “new” collection without much luck. Of course I do like new music, but my oldies… Well, somehow every fall I get into a music funk, and revert to some of my old favorites.

Forgive the spastic nature of the playlist, it’s no High Fidelity piece of artwork, but here’s my ear candy for this autumn.


1. “Speak Plainly Diana,” – Joe Pug

2. “This Town,” – OAR

3. “Both Hands,” – Ani DiFranco

4. “Autumn,” – Vivaldi

5. “Hymn 101,” – Joe Pug

6. “Caught in the Rain,” – Revis

7. “Volcano,” – Damien Rice

9. “Drink the Night Away,” – Gaelic Storm

10. “Blood Bank,” – Bon Iver



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