On Keeping Zen When It’s Freezing, Dark, Cold, and Your Child Will NOT Get Dressed

I read an article today about not using the phrase, “hurry up,” with your kids. 

And I started reading it and immediately realized the past month or two has been filled with “hurry up,” mornings. Even though the phrase itself is entirely ineffective. 

Alarm goes off at five, and I hit snooze until about six every morning. Get in the shower, rush around, trying to make sure Will is fed and ready and clean and that Scott has food and that I at least get a drink of water… and the dog has to be fed, and outdoor animals fed, and I want to make sure the house isn’t a complete disaster when I leave because when I get home to a wreck it’s never very fun and the heaters have to be off and certain doors closed to conserve heat… and does Will have his library book? What day is it? Have I mentioned that Will HATES getting dressed, always? 

So to cope with the perceived insanity of the mornings, I always say, “Hurry up, hurry up, come onnnnn,” constantly to both myself and to William. I just always feel like I can’t be late, I have a million things to do, and so does everyone else, can we please just have a smooth morning? 

The reality is, with a small child, a dog, two adults, and a small farm to take care of… smooth mornings? Am I kidding myself?

Is it going to kill me if the dishes aren’t done? Will it really hurt anything if we’re five minutes late to school? Why do I have to arrive ten minutes early, anyway?

I guess the thing is, I’ve let the dark mornings, the busy mornings, the cold mornings, get to me a little. And unfortunately, it took reading a stupid article on Huffington Post to make me realize I’m being a litttttle crazy about having a perfectly smooth morning. Will likes to be cozy in the mornings, I definitely can’t blame the kid. Jackson likes to be pet in the morning, naturally. And me? I don’t have to have it ALL in order to arrive home to a perfectly ordered house. I mean, I never do anyway, so why do I fuss over it all morning?

It’s been a pretty hectic past couple weeks with transitioning William into school, the days becoming shorter, the midterm exams I have seemingly every other day, and the addition of livestock to the farm. Everyone does as well as they can in the mornings; And Scott and Will do it with a lot more grace than I do. At least Scott does. Will melts down whenever he has to get dressed. 

But, all in all, I need to revamp the morning zen. Maybe getting up slightly earlier (It’s so hard to get out of our comfy, fleece-sheet-lined, bed where we are both so content), or maybe getting stuff ready at night again… Anyway, the thing is, there is a remedy to me being stressed in the mornings. It’s just … NOT being stressed. And not saying, “Hurry up,” because it never accomplishes anything anyway. 



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