Climbing at Rumney (Post-Posting)

In late spring of this year I went climbing with my fiancee, Scott, and close friend, Eric. The thing about it was, Eric and I, though “seasoned” climbers (We’ve both been climbing since we were teenagers) had taken a recent year or (three) long hiatus from the sport. And Scott? Well, he had climbed in the gym once or twice, but certainly not outside.

It was a bright and sharp-temperatured day, perfect for the scenic ride to Rumney, New Hampshire, and perfect for climbing. We decided to trek around and find a pretty easy, uncrowded wall to play around on. Considering I have only lead a handful of times, and considering Eric hadn’t done much climbing recently, it wasn’t overly confidence-inspiring for Scott. I am proud to say, however, that Scott was brave. He climbed, despite me saying, “You know, I think this is how that knot goes. It is, right?” and Eric responding, “Yeahh….”

I’m exaggerating slightly; Eric and I are very safety-oriented, and would never climb or put any other climber in danger. We just were feeling a little rusty. Here are some photos from that day.

DSC_0119 2 DSC_0117 2 DSC_0114 2 DSC_0113 2 DSC_0083 2 DSC_0088 2 DSC_0097 2 DSC_0109 2 DSC_0082 2 DSC_0076 2 DSC_0063 2


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