Maine Concerns

I don’t believe I fall under either Democrat or Republican as a label. I vote for the Green Party simply because I feel I should vote, but also because I don’t think either one of the primaries should ever win. There’s a Douglas Adams quote that states no one who manages to become the President should ever be allowed to be President. That’s paraphrased, but I tend to agree with it.

That being said, I live in the state of Maine. I live in Maine because it is where I grew up. I live in Maine because my family is here. I live in Maine because of the pristine woods, tons of mountains, rivers, lakes, etc. I love Maine because of the wilderness and the beauty of nature that constantly surrounds me. I live in Maine because I am obliged to, due to a custody agreement that I have with my son’s father. I live in Maine because I have a small farm here.

There are many reasons I live in Maine. That being said, I am a well-educated Mainer. I plan on finishing my Master’s and then moving onto my PhD. I plan on contributing to the medical community in Maine. I plan on being a successful, tax-contributing, citizen of the state of Maine.

I also have a young child. He is in a pre-k program at the local elementary school, and next year he will be starting Kindergarten. I am an involved parent. I teach him at home. I make sure I contribute just as much to his education as his school does, and will continue to do so.

The absolute lackadaisical attitude of the government of the state towards education makes me question whether I really want to raise my family in Maine.

I understand budget cuts are “necessary evils,” in times like these. I understand when I am low on funds, I cut back on my spending. I never cut back on feeding and clothing my family, but I don’t go out to eat or buy expensive groceries if I’m low on funds. The state needs to come to the understanding that cutting funding in schools is the worst possible thing to do. It is short-sighted and detrimental to every aspect of state health.

The less education we have, the less likely we are to succeed as a state in the future. Less business people educated enough to be successful contributors to the economy, less medical professionals prepared as young people, less forest management knowledge, less… everything. It might make sense in a VERY short-term way, but in the long run, not only are you not educating your own people effectively, but you are also scaring away well-educated parents from bringing their families to Maine.

I do understand the concept of budgeting. I get it. But we can’t make up the funding gap by raping nature (Increasing foresting efforts, building highways across the state to Canada ripping through forests, etc. Those are short-term solutions.) and we can’t make up millions of dollars in gaps by de-funding school.

I’m not sure where to get the funds. But I am sure that if I had my choice, my tax dollars would go straight to schools. Funding schools. Paying teachers. Paying for supplies. Paying for trips. Paying for the arts, for clubs, for activities that enrich my child and other children’s lives, and in turn, enrich the state of Maine.

I urge the citizens of Maine to be aware, fight for your children’s education, and make calls to the State government to tell them about your concerns.


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