The Johnson Side

I always said I’d write a book about my family. I love them so much. There have been an incredible amount of hilarious quotes, ridiculous scenarios, strange characters, and amusing stories; I just always thought they should be put in a book. Maybe someday I will get around to it.

Our family might not even be that interesting to the outside world, but to us, we’re hilarious. And witty. And awesome. I actually think we might come off as slightly deranged or odd. Whatever, right?

These photos were taken at a Sunday afternoon cookout at my grandmother’s house in Grey. It was a gorgeous day to be on the lake, plenty of kids of all ages, including my Uncle Mike who is in his forties.


I can actually hear the conversation being had here in my head, and it goes something along the lines of Nanny having an idea, and her two sons telling her why it won’t work. This happens to me daily. 



Instead of plugging his nose, William plugs his ears underwater. ImageImageImage 


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