Meet The Family

You know how people use phrases to the tune of, “leading lambs to slaughter,” to insinuate that sheep are all the same and they do the same thing as one another and are basically clones that would follow each other off a cliff face? I’d like to contradict that.

Our sheep are pretty freaking awesome. They’re like extended family members to us. Each and every one of them are incredibly unique and have their own personalities. I’d really like to take a moment to introduce them all to you.


Crazy Miss Maisie

Maisie is the boss of the flock. She is in charge, and not even remotely afraid of dogs. She actually beat the crap out of my sister’s dog once. She is also the reason William is not allowed in the pasture. She’s the matriarch, and her twin sons are our resident whethers. 




Sawyer is the smaller of the pair of twins Maisie gave birth to last year. He is probably the friendliest of all the sheep. He’s a peanut, too. He’s always nose-to-nose with Jacks the dog, and will follow you all around the pasture. I have a wicked soft spot for him. He’s just so damn cute.



Finn is lazy. Like, super lazy. He’s the bigger of the twins. He will be laying down in the field, eating grass. Like, lounging. He’s just super lazy. But he’s also pretty friendly with people, and him and Scott have a special, strange relationship. Finn also has to have his horns cut back pretty frequently, because he inherited a really awful horn trait from his father (Who is not on premise.) The horns grow into his neck.



Skye is our ram. He’s enormous. And huge. And ginormous. He looks like a dinosaur. He is co-owned between our farm and Lily Brook Farm in Hollis. Skye is the only sheep that we can’t catch. He is skittish. Terrified of people. He came off an island off the coast of Cape Elizabeth and just doesn’t like people. Seriously, he’s enormous.


Miss Margaret

Margaret is our resident model. She’s photogenic and gorgeous and also is the first one to the grain pans. She always gives me flat tires when I go out to feed the sheep; she’s right in my pocket. She is the only sheep that likes head scratches.


Miss Kitt

Miss Kitt is always with Skye. She has amazing posture and is pretty standoffish. I always think she looks a little worried. 



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