Search Term Superlatives

My blog has been up for a year! This inspired me to do some analytics on it.

So, Google tracks all the search terms used to find my website. Here are the superlatives for the last year:

Most Searched Phrase: “Maine Farm Chick”  (68 times)

Longest Search Phrase:  “i want to buy a small run down farm in maine for under $40,000.00” (1 time)

Most Popular Person Searched For Which is Completely Unaffiliated with Maine Farm Chick: Elise Bothel (4 times)

Most Hilarious Search Phrase: “lion with a wooly maine! – medium hand made in germany” (1 time)

My Personal Favorite Search Phrase: “who is the maine farm chick?” (10 times)

Most Searched For Alcohol: “Jack Daniels” (22 times, one of which was “Jack Daniels girls”)

Search Term That Confused Me The Most: “mfc ebony girl with gap between her front two teeth” (2 times…?)

Search Term With A Question I Would Like to Answer: “wats 5 things a farm chick can eat?” (1 time) Answer: Chocolate, red wine, spinach, salmon, granola

Search Term I Wish I Could Help With: “508 364 8576 rochelle” (1 time) I am not Rochelle, nor is this my number, I hope you find her, Mystery Google Man.

Search Term I Want to Give Advice To: “I want to go barefoot” (1 time) Advice: Just do it, it feels so right.

Search Term I Was Most Disturbed By The Fact That It Led to My Site: “chebeague island naked chicks” (2 times)

Pip Pip,

Maine Farm Chick


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