Oh hey, Friends!

This is, first and foremost, an apology. It must seem like I’ve forgotten all about you readers! I have not. (There are far too many of you to forget!) I am sorry to have been off the radar, but what with a little person, some new farm additions of my own, and y’know… life, I haven’t been able to give you my full attention.

This is, secondly, a promise: I have got some Really Awesome Things  on my radar. And I mean, on the immediate radar.  I solemnly promise to get to every farm possible, and to provide you with witty feedback on it. And in a prompt manner.

Thirdly, I would just like to say, even though I haven’t been writing for the past two months, the blog views are still way up there. That’s amazing! And it tells me you want more!

And because I can’t give every one of you apology flowers, (Although I think that you all deserve them, and I must say, I have exquisite flower taste, so if I could give you apology flowers, you would love them.) I will give you many blog posts. Many.

And my fourth announcement? Well, I’ll just show you two samplings:

The sheep are from Lily Brook Farm, in Hollis, which is owned and operated by the talented, lovely, intelligent, and hilarious Nina Fuller. You can get in touch with her by clicking this link: Lily Brook Farm

Ok, ok, enough about me. More about the farms and the blog.

To summarize what I’ve said, please see the below bullet points:

– I have been unable to dote upon my readers, and shower you with blog posts. That’s going to change.

– I bought some sheep.

– My new deadline is every single Friday morning, you will be seeing a new post.

Pip pip,

The Maine Farm Chick


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