Little Update on the MFC


Life’s super busy. It’s really no excuse that I haven’t posted in like 10 days, so here I am.

FIRST order of business: I’ve got a farm profile that will be posted on Monday. Keep your pants on, it’s coming!!

SECOND order of business: If you’re not on Facebook, I’m sorry. I had a little contest, the first five people to send me a farm suggestion would receive bumper stickers. Here are the winners!

– Elise Bothel

– Amanda Kaler

– Katie Doble

– Caroline Summa

– Graham Blanchette

**The bumper stickers are printing tomorrow, you’ll have them by 1st June!!

THIRD piece of awesome info is… I have bumper stickers! Soon to be some rockin’ t-shirts. You can either wait for another contest to win a bumper sticker, or you can buy one for $3.50. (The $0.50 is for the stamp…)

Here are the farms I’ve added to the lineup by way of you awesome folks sending me your ideas:

Balfour Farm in Pittsfield

Winter Hill Farm in Freeport

Hatchet Cove Farm in Warren

Salty Dog Farm in Milbridge

Goranson Farm in Dresden

Lone Goat Farm on Chebeague Island

Second Wind Farm on Chebeague Island

I just want to say, you guys are awesome.

Pip pip,

The Maine Farm Chick


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