Farm Suggestions (Please Leave Your Suggestions!)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I’m extremely tickled at the amount of activity already generated from this newborn blog. It’s wonderful to see the suggestions for farm profiles to come in. It really demonstrates how interested people are in Maine farming!

Here are some farms that are officially on my list to profile:

Sweetgrass Farm & Distillery in Union
Harvest for Hunger in Oxford Hills
Nezinscot Farm in Turner
Little Alaska farm in Leeds
Darthia Farm in Gouldsboro
Flaherty’s Farm in Scarborough
Dun Roamin’ Farm in Cape Elizabeth
Friend’s Folly Farm in Monmouth
Maple Hill Farm in Hallowell
O’Donnell’s Farm in Monmouth

Mandala Farm in Gouldsboro

I am not limited to strictly vegetable/livestock farming; In fact, you’ll notice a winery listed here! We don’t discriminate, plus, I love wine.

I love suggestions:  If you know of a farm, big or small, known or undiscovered, please let me know where it’s located and what it’s called, because I want to make a trip there!

Counting down the first farm trip. It’s supposed to be mid-fifties and sunny in Birch Harbor, I’m looking forward to it!

Pip pip,
The Maine Farm Chick


2 thoughts on “Farm Suggestions (Please Leave Your Suggestions!)

  1. Sweetwater Farm in Arundel, Maine.
    My mom has been organic gardening for over 35 years! We just put up a greenhouse & will be getting bees soon.

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